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12 Apr

We come from a very positive 2018 for me and Ducati, but we also made mistakes. At Ducati we changed a few things: we know how our situation, but it is hard to see that of our rivals. ” MotoGP Race Preview of the first race rins – Alex Rins could be the revelation with Suzuki: “We closed 2018 at large and aimed at improving Suzuki in winter, braking and engine power.

I am ready to give 100%, but I want to race without pressure and enjoy the races: winning will not be easy, we want to stay on top, but there is so much competition and we have seen in testing. ” jorge and honda – Lorenzo has to recover from a nagging injury, “The past six months have not gone better, but now it’s better, I pushed hard to get close to 100% fit and Honda helped me. The transition from Ducati to Honda is different from the Yamaha to Ducati, but I think it will be faster.

We have a good package to start and we have to move forward: Honda has a more powerful engine and this certainly helps us here. ” vinales – Vinales hopes to do the expected step and do their best with Yamaha, “I see a lot of positive things, I feel good on the bike and Yamaha have been working very well. Our opponents are very strong but we have reduced the gap and I’m happy to start from the level where we are.

I have worked hard to improve the first round and the start of the run to avoid races. ” We will soon see the results. From our correspondent Massimo Brizzi

July 30, 2018 – Sergej Milan Milinkovic, Serbia Lazio. Ansa Everything revolves around Sergej Milinkovic. The New York market could also be closed if it were not for SMS variable. In fact, Lotito-Tare duo would give to Inzaghi two more purchases in addition to the seven already made: a striker who as vice-Building face and a new defender. But both the way the other operations are subject to the departures of those who, within the organization deals with those boxes.

The Lazio thought to divest Caicedo and one between Wallace and Bastos. But the offers received by them have not yet been satisfied neither the clubs nor the people involved. So it becomes increasingly difficult for these partano elements and, therefore, more to come new.

No coincidence that the Brazilian Wesley (the major culprit to take the place of Caicedo as new vice Building) yesterday was taken off the market: “Rest in Bruges, here I can play the Champions and then, having 21 years, I have plenty of time to new experiences. ” He stands the hypothesis Perez, but even that will soon fall unless, Caicedo, dawns suddenly an interesting offer. Same goes for the defender.

There was a survey to Howedes, but so what Wallace Bastos (also because of a withdrawal carried out in the best way) traveling to the full confirmation. Lotito: “I do not sell Milinkovic-Savic, less than an indecent proposal” the moment of truth – The only open face is so that of Milinkovic. Inzaghi said he hoped his stay, but it is the first to know that will be very difficult to happen.

Lazio have not received any offer for Serbia, but the entourage of the player has been approached by at least four top European clubs (Juventus, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid). In the coming days from theory you should go to practice. With Lazio running from an estimate of 150 million, but it could also “settle” for a sum of 110 million to 120 million. At midfield, however, they have been put forward figures that Lazio can not afford (annual salary about 6 million to 7 million).

For this in Formello, while hoping for a different ending, we are preparing now to find a replacement at the Serbs. It will not be easy, but the Biancocelesti club has already proven in the past to get sapersela (could re-emergence of the name of Rafinha, that Inter has not redeemed from Barcelona). Meanwhile, the medical examinations Milinkovic, scheduled for this morning in Rome, have been moved to tomorrow, the decision of the Biancocelesti society.

Confirmed instead of the other test today returned from Russia in 2018 Caceres. Tomorrow will be the turn of the last two signings, Correa and Badelj. Stefano Cieri

March 2, 2017 – Milan The entrance to the golf club. Afp The Tokyo 2020 organizers may be forced to change the venue of the Olympic golf tournament. The chosen route is the Kasumigaseki Country Club but does not admit women among the members, or allow them to play on Sunday.

Restrictions that were sent on a rampage the IOC, these days visiting the Japanese capital with the Coordination Commission led by Vice President John Coates. “At some point we have to give it a rest – makes it clear -. We’re going to only play in a club that does not discriminate. I respect the fact that it is a private club, but our position is clear. ” Last month, members of the Kasumigaseki Country Club board of directors have come together to try to find a solution. “It is also possible to go elsewhere, but I think you’re working in the right direction because there is no discrimination in affiliating members – added Coates – What should be resolved by the end of June.” Last year also the famous and ancient Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St.

Andrews, in Scotland, has announced the addition of the first seven women after 260 years. neutral toilet – On the other hand, Japan is planning to install gender-neutral bathrooms in homes that is building for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020. Facilities suitable for both men and women have existed for several years in the country, daredemo toire calls, which It translates to “bathrooms of all.” In the beginning were the disabled toilets, designed for larger environments.

Now it is expected to split these spaces, allowing use in both men and women, resulting in reduced waiting times, but also the use by any transgender people. The installation of at least one of the bathrooms has been planned in seven of the 11 plants that will be constructed. The news comes just a week after US President Donald Trump has signed a measure by which were lifted in April 2016 of the measures introduced by the Obama administration in favor of transgender, which had been allowed to use the bathrooms in public schools according to their free sexual orientation and not based on biological sex. Gasport

October 13, 2018 – A TRENTO 10,335 career assists, twice best player in the NBA, that a month ago he honored with inclusion in the Hall of Fame, the gallery of immortals: the review of the record, the Sports Festival, is it has enriched its international star, Steve Nash, who was told on stage in Trento. Brilliant Mind, man multiform talent and point guard who has changed the history of the game in his style, his pace and his art of passage.

The ASSIST – “For me it is something natural – told the Canadian, who retired in 2015 and today is 44 years old -. For me it’s normal, maybe for the pleasure of making people happy around me. And my father also was key: when I played soccer has always taught me how important it is to pass, when I scored three goals praising me for steps I had done.

He taught me the lesson of altruism, to raise the level of his companions, to be smart, and this then I translated from the football field to the basketball. ” Festival of Sport, Steve Nash: “Let me explain the merits of D’Antoni, so changed the NBA” FOOTBALL – Today Steve Nash fan of Tottenham, is co-owner of Vancouver in MLS and Mallorca in the Spanish second division, and also TV analyst on TNT for the Champions League, in addition to continue to organize the annual balloon charity match between stars of basketball and football. “I remain tied to basketball as G.M. Canadian National and the Warriors consultant.

But 13 to 40 years I have devoted to basketball every day of my life. When I retired I wanted to do other things and follow my heart and my passions like football, which was important to me as a child. How do I behave as owner?

No, I’m not a Mark Cuban. ” Legend has it that the first spoken word was “goal”: the son of a football player, he played throughout childhood, then … “All my friends were playing basketball, so I started at 13, and were precisely the years when Jordan was becoming a superstar, a special time for a child to play basketball. ” HEIRS AND PREDICTIONS – In those who see its characteristics today? “It ‘hard to compare, but the player that I see closer to certain features is Trae Young, the rookie of Atlanta, natural passer as Lonzo Ball, which is more tall, athletic and defender.